Grace Sahagian


Grace Sahagian


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About Grace

With a marketing degree from New England Tech, Grace is an integral part of the real estate private lending family business for over a decade and has broad exposure to many markets and ranges of properties making her an excellent partner to help you accomplish your buying and selling goals.  Earlier in her career Grace moved from managing a small family retail operation to managing a high end national chain retail operation that relied heavily on her interpersonal skills and clear ability to sell and truly win people over with her ability and grace.

Living in Narragansett with her husband and three wonderful children, she is deeply involved in the school and community as a VP of the PTO.  She is known as the person that loves to help others and the one who will get the job done.  Born in Syria and coming to the US at age 11, she speaks Arabic fluently and is involved in activities at the Arab oriented St. Basils church in Lincoln.  As do most in RI, she enjoys summers at the beaches of Narragansett and sailing on the family boat and winters skiing with her family.

Statewide MLS# 37891