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About Nick

After earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Sustainable Farming and Natural Resource Conservation from UMass Amherst, Nick worked on a farm raising animals and growing fruits and vegetables while simultaneously working at a boutique butcher shop. During the time he spent working with food, from planting a seed to handing a locally raised cut of beef to a customer, he practiced hard work, problem solving and patience. Nick applies this important skill set to his everyday work as a Realtor and they are his key ingredients for being a successful professional.

Nick is passionate about working with his hands and being close to nature. He loves to garden, cook, play fantasy football, and walk the lovely trails in Smithfield close to his home in North Providence. Additionally, he volunteers at a community farm in Smithfield and a local food bank in Riverside.

After working in the dirt farming, Nick understands the importance in having a place to call home and a home that you can grow in. Let him help your family set roots in a new home.