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Rebecca Dinerman


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About Rebecca

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Rebecca is ready to help you find your dream home in the state that she knows and loves!  Having grown up in a family of real estate investors and property managers, Rebecca has developed a great deal of knowledge and passion for the industry.  She knows about finding the perfect fit for your vision and has the means and tools necessary, in order to give you the highest level of service to make this exciting time in your life the least stressful as possible.

After purchasing and remodeling her own home in Cranston R.I., Rebecca realized that she needed to put her own personal knowledge to good use in helping you make your dream home a reality!

 In addition to her knowledge of the industry, Rebecca comes to you with many unique skills.  Working as a special education teacher has helped her learn to cater to the individual’s unique needs and desires.  This can be difficult to do in a classroom of 15 children with varying disabilities, however she has learned how to persevere, multi-task, and creatively enable others to believe and see their full potential.  Although you may be concerned about different issues than these students, the underlying worry and hesitation could very well be the same.  Can I really afford this house? Does this house have a sound structure to keep my family safe?  What can be done to remodel this house to make it look brand new?  Have no fear, by working with Rebecca she will ensure that each of her clients is treated with undivided attention and she will never cease her hard work and open communication until you and your family are fully satisfied.

 When not working with clients, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family and friends enjoying all that Rhode Island has to offer.  You can often find her enjoying the sunny beaches or exploring the wooded trails throughout our beautiful state.

She is a member of the National Association of Realtors, RI MLS, RI Association of Realtors, and the Greater Providence Board of Realtors.

Statewide MLS # 39869