Things to do in Narragansett

Narragansett, Rhode Island, is a coastal gem known for its stunning beaches and lively seaside culture. The town's crown jewel, Narragansett Beach, is a favorite for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, boasting soft sands and excellent facilities. The iconic Towers, a historic stone structure overlooking the ocean, serves as a cultural focal point, hosting various events and weddings. For a taste of local history, visitors can explore Point Judith Lighthouse, an active navigational aid with a picturesque setting at the tip of Narragansett. The nearby fishing village of Galilee offers a glimpse into Rhode Island's vibrant seafood industry, with opportunities to catch a ferry to Block Island or dine on fresh catches. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the scenic coastal walking paths and nearby nature reserves, such as John H. Chafee Wildlife Refuge, which provide beautiful trails and bird-watching opportunities. Whether looking for relaxation on the beach or an active day exploring, Narragansett has something for everyone.


Shopping & Things To Do

As a year-round resident of Westerly, your main shopping areas (outside of small business or boutique places) are the Westerly Crossings Shopping Center and Franklin Shopping Plaza. Both are conveniently located on Route 1 near the junction of Route 78.

You can spend all day here and find everything you need:  grocery, retail clothing, banks, fitness stores, vision care, etc. Salt Pond is by far the biggest shopping plaza in Narragansett and the “go-to” place for all of your essentials (tends to be very busy!) Dedicated shoppers drive here to visit some the largest Marshalls and HomeGoods stores in the state.

This beachside center of town is the best spot for walkability shopping. Check out the local shops and restaurants, walk along Narragansett Town Beach, or visit the Towers and Memorial Square.

Recreation & Activities

The state and public beaches in Narragansett are some of the best you’ll find in Rhode Island (and perhaps the entire North East).

Separates Narragansett from South Kingstown and open for public swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

These beaches extend along the same beachfront in Galilee. Both are popular for families with young children, due to the extensive breakwater barrier protecting them and gentle surf. Both beaches are located in the Point Judith section of Narragansett, which is the southernmost part of town.

Located right in the center of town near shops and restaurants. Ample parking spaces along 1A and Ocean Road. Residents of Gansett can park and enjoy the beach free of charge, but non-residents must pay a “walk on free” to visit.

Narragansett’s most popular beach with over 10,000 daily visitors during the peak summer season. It has approx. 2,325 ft. of beach frontage along the Block Island Sound. There is a north and south side of the Scarborough, each with a pavillion, showers, observation towers, and a boardwalk for public use.

Local Parks & Protected Areas

Iconic historic building on Narragansett’s downtown pier. Hosts many private weddings and other events throughout the year open to the public.

A very popular tourist attraction in Rhode Island. Scenic views of the Block Island Sound and places to walk around and view the historic lighthouse.

One of the best places in Rhode Island to buy and eat fresh seafood. Walkable and lined with restaurants, beaches, shops, and public recreation areas.