Finding things to do in Glocester

Delightful Discoveries in Glocester, Rhode Island

Glocester, Rhode Island, nestled in the northwest corner of the state, is a haven for those seeking a blend of historic charm and natural beauty. This town is particularly renowned for its involvement in the historic Dorr Rebellion, with sites like the Harmony Chapel and Library offering glimpses into its rich past. Nature lovers will find themselves drawn to the expansive George Washington Management Area, which provides a vast landscape for hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation. For a unique local experience, the Chepachet Village hosts quaint shops and eateries, perfect for browsing and enjoying the local fare. During the fall, Glocester becomes a picturesque setting for autumnal activities, including apple picking and leaf peeping, thanks to its numerous orchards and the striking New England foliage. Year-round, the town's community events like the Ancient and Horribles Parade add a quirky and festive flair to the local culture, making Glocester a charming destination for all ages.

Welcome to Glocester?

Shopping & Things To Do

Due to Glocester being a rural area, you won’t find many big retail stores. However, Glocester does have several locally-owned businesses that cover the bases for its residents. Most of these retail businesses are found in or around Chepachet, or along Route 44. Glocester is well-known for its many antique shops, where you can browse and look for unique pieces of decor to add to your home.

If you’re looking for a place to get all of your shopping done during the weekend, travel east on Route 44 into Greenville or further into North Providence for shopping plazas with big retailers.

Ancients and Horribles Parade: an annual Fourth of July parade since 1926. The parade route goes along Route 44 in Chepachet. This parade also has a twist! As part of the traditions, locals in the parade often dress up and showcase satirical displays of political and cultural issues throughout America’s history.

Farms & Vineyards

If you’re into supporting local food and getting fresh produce throughout the year, Glocester has farms you can visit and explore. Chepachet Farm offers a cute gift and sugar house where you can buy homemade maple syrup and other sugary treats.

Local Farms

Located in Chepachet, Mulberry Vineyard was started by a husband and wife team in 2011. It’s a great place to try wine tastings, attend local events, and learn more about growing different grapes varietals in Rhode Island.

Recreation & Activities

100 acres of day-use public recreation area. There are a number of activities to enjoy at this beautiful spot, including picnic areas, kayaking, fishing, walking trails, hiking, cross-country skiing, camping, and a small seasonal beach with lifeguards.

A small park to bring the kids for an easy 1.75-mile hike. Popular spot for walking trails, cross country skiing, and wildlife spotting.

Roughly 7.3 miles of a looping trail located near Chepachet, RI. Features beautiful views of Bowdish Lake and Wilbur Pond. The trails are easy to hike and well-marked, and you can bring the dogs!

447 acres of open lands with various terrains and wildlife views. Great place to relax and walk along hiking trails.

A protected forest connected to the Durfee Hill Management area with six miles of hiking trails. Each trail is lined with signs describing the history of the farm and you can visit the Sprague family cemetery in the south east area of the forest.