Finding things to do in Smithfield

Exploring Smithfield, Rhode Island: A Blend of Nature and History

Smithfield, Rhode Island, offers a delightful mix of natural beauty and historical sites that cater to a variety of interests. Nature lovers will find solace in the sprawling landscapes of Deerfield Park, which features multiple sports facilities, walking paths, and picnic areas, ideal for family outings. For those interested in history, the Smith-Appleby House Museum stands as a testament to the town's colonial past, offering guided tours and educational programs. Georgiaville Pond provides a perfect spot for fishing, swimming, and relaxing by the water. Additionally, shoppers can explore the Crossing at Smithfield, an outdoor shopping center with a range of stores and restaurants. With its combination of recreational activities, historical exploration, and retail opportunities, Smithfield ensures a fulfilling visit for all ages.

Life in Smithfield

Shopping & Things To Do

Smithfield has made it very easy for residents to get what they need without having to travel far. Just outside Greenville and Route 44 / I-295 junction are several retail plazas, including The Crossing at Smithfield, Smithfield Commons, and the Apple Valley Mall. Combined, they contain major retailers like Target, Staples, Kohl’s, T.J. Maxx,The Home Depot, Stop & Shop, Dave’s Market, and more.

If you’re looking for boutique shopping or antiques, Greenville is your destination. There are plenty of small businesses along the main strip (Route 44) in the downtown area. Or you can shoot over to Johnston and North Providence.

The longest-running car hop restaurant in Rhode Island. This place brings back the nostalgia of the ‘50s and ‘60s, and is a fun place to experience during the summer season.

Oldest operating apple orchard in Smithfield (running in the same family for four generations!). You can grab deliciously baked pies, candy apples, and pick your apples by hand.

Recreation & Activities

A public park with walking trails and a gorgeous wooden bridge crossing over a small waterfall. Perfect for walking your dog or having a picnic on a sunny day.

A public park located in Greenville with many sporting areas, playgrounds, green spaces, and public restrooms. Great place to bring the kids for basketball courts, tennis courts, walking and biking trails, soccer fields, and more.

One of the better local areas for hiking trails with different elevations. There are not any bathrooms or refreshment stands, so bringing water and snack along for a hike is a good idea. The terrain can be steep in some areas with plenty of boulders and rock formations to explore and climb.

A converted railway path that runs along Stillwater Pond. It’s a short walk from end to end but offers interesting sights, such as foundations and remains of Stillwater Village (locals say it gets spooky at night!)

A public beach and recreation area along the shore of a freshwater pond. It’s open for swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, and skiboarding. Lifeguards are on duty during the season.

Notable Employers

Fidelity Investments

A multinational financial services corporation and one of the largest asset managers in the world, with $2.6 trillion in assets as of 2018. Approximately 3,900 employees.

FGX International

The world’s leading designer and marketer of non-prescription reading glasses, optical frames, and sunglasses. Approximately 385 employees