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Jamestown is a beautiful, secluded town located on Conanicut Island, just east of Newport. It’s well-known for its iconic Beavertail Lighthouse and miles of waterfront properties across the entire island. Jamestown is a tight-knit community with a small population. The downtown and harbor area has great seafood restaurants, gift shops, and walkable amenities. It’s also very accessible to Newport and the South Shore (just across the bridge on either side of the island). Jamestown has the second lowest residential tax rate in Rhode Island, making their waterfront properties some of the best available in the state. Plus, the views of Narragansett’s East and West passages are incomparable!

Community overview

  • Established: 1678
  • Zip Codes: 02835
  • County: Newport 
  • Size: 35.3 miles
  • Coordinates: 41.4963’N, 71.3712’W
  • Population: 5,406 (45% male, 55% female)
  • Median resident age: 50 years
  • Median household income: $215,380
  • Median home value: $589,200
  • Homes currently available from: $400,000 — $7,950,000
  • Tax rate: $8.85
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What's it like to live in Jamestown?

Shopping & Things To Do

There are places to shop locally in Jamestown, but you won’t find any large retail stores on the island. This is by design, of course — Jamestown residents like to keep things simple and quaint (classy, you might say). If you live here and want to hit a couple retailers, you’ll only have to travel across either bridge to North Kingstown or Newport. Both areas have plenty of options. That said, you can find grocery and general items at McQuade’s Grocery or shop around at some of the great gift shops in town center.

Things to do in town

Jamestown Golf Course: a 9-hole golf course originally built in 1898 (one of the oldest public courses in the country!) and open to public. For the occasional or even seasoned player, this is one of the better 9-hole courses in New England. There is a practice green available and a full-service restaurant and bar (The Caddy Shack).

Mackerel Cove Town Beach: beautiful little gem of a beach on your way to Beavertail. Residents love to snorkel here because the natural landscape and position of the beach protects from high waves and rip tides. You can usually walk out 50 yards before the water reaches your waist. Very unique spot worth exploring

golf course

Restaurants & Nightlife

Jamestown has its own little thriving dining scene. Right along Narragansett Boulevard and North Road you’ll find more than a dozen restaurants, cafes, and bars. For such a small place, the selection is surprisingly wide, too. You can can get traditional BBQ, seafood, Italian, old fashioned delis, ice cream shops, and more. If you’re looking for live music, stop by the Narragansett Cafe (known as “the Ganny”) for local and touring musicians on Friday and Saturday nights. The Ganny is a destination spot for blues music and host some of the best blues musicians in New England on a regular basis.

Food spots to check out:

  • Pink Pig BBQ
  • Ace’s Pizza
  • Bay Voyage Restaurant
  • Island Scoop
  • The Narragansett Cafe
  • Spinnaker’s Cafe
  • The Shack at Dutch Harbor
  • Chopmist Charlie’s
  • East Ferry Market & Deli
  • Simpatico
  • Village Hearth & Bakery
  • Salvation Cafe
  • Slice of Heaven
  • J22 Tap & Table
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Recreation & Activities

Places to visit & conservations areas

Beavertail State Park
and Lighthouse Museum: 
the Beavertail outlook marks the exact point where Narragansett Bay ends and the Atlantic Ocean begins. Here you’ll have some of best views and vistas of the New England coastline. It’s a great spot for sightseeing and is open for saltwater fishing throughout the year. Be sure to check out the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum to learn about Jamestown’s maritime history and see preserved artifacts. There are also a few walking trails along the rocky shore to each outlook space.

Conanicut Battery
National Historic Park:
a 22-acre open space park just off Beavertail Road and home to the Connecticut Battery Fort (built in 1776). Every year the Jamestown Historical Society hosts their Battery Day Festival here. It’s open daily from sunrise to sunset and is a nice place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Fort Wetherill State Park: sitting high atop the granite cliffs on the southern tip of Conanicut Island, this park was once an artillery fortress during the Revolutionary War and both World Wars. Since 1972, it’s been a multi-use recreational space open to the public. The area is also a major attraction for scuba diving, group picnicking, boating, fishing, hiking and exploring on the park’s 61.5 acres of property.


Schools & Education

The Jamestown School Department consists of two schools: Melrose Elementary School and Lawn Middle School. Once students reach the high school level, parents can choose to matriculate their kids into North Kingstown High School or Narragansett High School. Public bus transportation is provided by the school department for both high schools to and from the island. Between the two schools in the department, Jamestown serves approximately 500 students per year with 56 teachers. For more detailed information, please visit their official website at

  • Jamestown Melrose School
  • Lawn School

Transportation & Getting Around

Jamestown is essentially an island, so there are fairly limited options for getting in, out, or around town. Route 138 connects Jamestown to Newport (via Newport Bridge) and North Kingstown (via Jamestown Bridge) on either side. It’s a very high-traffic highway because it’s the main way for travelers to cross Rhode Island from South County to Newport County. Route 138 has two exit points and on-ramps in Jamestown — Helm Street / Beacon Avenue on the west side and East Shore Road on the east side.


Main roads in town


North Main Road

runs directly through the middle of Jamestown north to south. It’s the easiest and fastest way to travel to town center from the northern end of the island. It also connects nearly every neighborhood besides the Beavertail portion of Jamestown.

East Shore Road /
Conanicus Ave

runs along the eastern shore of Jamestown along the northern portion of the island and connects to Conanicus Ave below the Rt. 138 express way. Continues south through Jamestown Harbor and ends at Fort Wetherill State Park.

Beavertail Road

crosses over Mackerel Cove to the Beavertail portion of the island. It’s the only main road that will take you to Beavertail State Park and the lighthouse & museum.

  • Distance to T.F. Green Airport: 23.3 miles
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Government/city and town links

For more information on Jamestown community events and government departments, please visit the official website at http://www.jamestownri.gov/

Williams & Stuart lists homes for sale in all of Jamestown

  • Beavertail
  • Downtown
  • Dutch Harbor
  • East Passage
  • East Shore
  • Fort Getty
  • Harbor
  • In Town
  • Jamestown Harbor
  • Jamestown Shores
  • Mackerel Cove
  • North End
  • Reservoir
  • Sand Point
  • Seaside
  • Seaview Park
  • Shoreby Hill
  • South Shores
  • Sunset Farms
  • The Dumplings
  • Top O’ The Mark
  • Village Area
  • West Ferry
  • West Passage
  • West Reach Estates

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