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Little Compton is a mostly rural and oceanfront town in Rhode Island’s East Bay. It sits across the Sakonnet River from Newport, RI, and borders Westport, MA. Little Compton’s beachfront is regarded as some of the best in New England, and is home to several esteemed private clubs. There is a certain vibe about Little Compton that’s unique, a kind of “slow down” mentality amongst the locals and residents. The community is peaceful, relaxed, and oftentimes very wealthy. Little Compton also has the lowest residential tax rates in the state, making the real estate options here highly desirable. You can find waterfront properties or secluded, rural properties around Pottersville, Adamsville, and The Commons.

Community overview

  • Established: 1746
  • Zip Codes: 02837
  • County: Newport
  • Size: 28.9 miles
  • Coordinates: 41.5101’N, 71.1712’W
  • Population: 3,492 (97 males per 100 females)
  • Median resident age: 50.2 years
  • Median household income: $195,148
  • Median home value: $521,000
  • Homes currently available from: $349,000 — $3,545,000
  • Tax rate: $5.96
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What's it like to live in Little Compton?

Shopping & Things To Do

Little Compton is a place of small businesses and cute, quaint shopping. You won’t find any large retailers here. For those needs, you’ll have to travel north to Tiverton and the Fall River area. In town, you have small grocery stores, gift shops, small business services, farmers markets, etc. You have more options further up Route 77 in the Four Corners area as well. Take a walk or bike ride through Adamsville and you’ll find the Rhode Island Red Monument at the intersection of Adamsville Road and Westport Harbor Road, right in front of the baseball field. It commemorates the Rhode Island state bird and the history behind its breeding and origins.

One popular spot with locals (and visitors) is Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyards. You can try the award-winning wines, shop at the mercantile store, get fresh food at the cafe, and enjoy live music throughout the open season. Be sure to get a tour of the vineyard and try a tasting with a group of friends over the weekend.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Little Compton’s restaurant scene is fairly limited due to its small population, but there are a few local favorites that never disappoint. Most of your dining options will be north towards Tiverton in the Four Corners neighborhood and further along the Sakonnet River. Middletown, Portsmouth, Fall River, and Bristol aren’t too far away either and all offer plenty of dining options.

Local food spots to check out:

  • The Barn
  • The Commons Lunch
  • Crowthers Restaurant
  • Bakery at Walkers
  • Carolyn’s Cafe
  • Art Cafe
  • Simmons Cafe & Market
little compton commons lunch
simmons cafe and market

Recreation & Activities

Places to visit & conservations areas

Sakonnet Gardens: a very unique place to visit and get a tour of intimate garden rooms, each showcasing an experimental approach to growing and grooming rare plants. It’s like spending a day as Alice in Wonderland!

South Shore Beach: also known as Little Compton Town Beach and one of the best public beaches in Rhode Island. It’s $15.00 to park for the day or free with a resident sticker. Most of Little Compton’s beachfront is privately owned and maintained, so it’s nice to have a beautiful spot reserved for residents to enjoy year-round.

Goosewing Beach Preserve: 75-acres of protected coastal pond, beach, and dune environments. There are very rare breeds of birds that populate these areas. The Benjamin Family Environmental Center offers visitors a full-view of the habitats that make up this local ecosystems. They give seasonal nature walks and special events throughout the year to the public.

Dundery Brook Trail: a boardwalk path that leads through a myriad of wetland habitats. Over 60 bird species use this area as breeding habitat, including hawks, owls, and wood ducks. The path is roughly a two-mile walk back and forth, and lined with outdoor classroom boards to learn about the wildlife seen throughout.

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Schools & Education

Little Compton’s School Department consists of one school that serves the K – 8 grades — Wilbur & McMahon School. It serves approximately 250 students per year, with 33 teachers. Once a student reaches ninth grade, they attend Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, RI. Public school bus access is provided by the Little Compton School Department for students traveling to Portsmouth. For more detailed information about Little Compton’s School Department, visit their website at

  • Wilbur & McMahon School

Transportation & Getting Around

Little Compton is an oceanfront town of long winding roads and quiet seclusion. It’s miles away from the nearest highway and getting around here requires a car, motor bike, or bicycle.

Route 77: this is the main road that connects Little Compton to Tiverton and further access to highway travel via Route 24. It goes north to south, starting at Four Corners and ends at Sakonnet Point.

Route 24: Route 24 runs through Tiverton and provides residents a way to reach Bristol, Newport or Fall River. It’s also the quickest way to reach Providence via 195-W.

Long Hwy: runs north to south through the center of Little Compton and connects a few main villages — The Commons, Pottersville, and South Shore beach.

  • Distance to T.F. Green Airport: 40.2 miles
  • Distance to Providence Train Station: 34.9 miles
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Government/city and town links

For more information on Little Compton community events and government departments, please visit the official website at

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  • Chace Point
  • Colebrook
  • Compton Cliffs
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  • Maple Ave
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  • South Shore
  • The Commons
  • Warrens Point
  • Watson Reservoir
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  • Windmill Hill
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