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Welcome to the “Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution” — Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It’s the fourth largest city in the state located just north of Providence. This city has gone through quite a “renaissance period” over the past ten years which has attracted scores of artists and creators to its downtown neighborhoods. The city has invested in renovating many of their industrial mill buildings into residential and commercial spaces, such as Hope Artiste Village and Slater Cotton Mill Apartments. Pawtucket’s central location, proximity to Providence, and easy access to I-95 have renewed a lot of interest for homeowners. You can find A TON of loft-style condominiums here, plus a good range of suburban and urban-style neighborhoods.

Community Overview

  • Established: 1671
  • Zip Codes: 02860, 02861, 02862
  • County: Providence
  • Size: 9 sq. miles
  • Coordinates: 41.8787° N, 71.3826° W
  • Population: 71,148 (55% male, 45% female)
  • Median resident age: 36.7 years
  • Median household income: $41,789
  • Median home value: $186,300
  • Homes currently available from: $30,000 — $675,000
  • Tax rate: $20.13 (residential), $33.21 (commercial)
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What's it like to live in Pawtucket?

Shopping & Things To Do

Hope Artiste Village: this renovated mill is a mixed-use commercial space building with several different venues, restaurants, and businesses. You can see a live music show at The Met, go bowling at Breaktime Bowl & Bar, or peruse Twenty Stories bookstore for a gift. Hope Artiste Village is also home to the Wintertime Farmers Market, held on Saturday afternoons from November to March.

RI Antiques Mall: a true gem for people who love antiquing and finding novel pieces of furniture and decor for their homes. You can find anything in here — jewelry, knick-knacks, paintings, furniture, and artifacts of all kinds. Plus, the price range fits anybody’s budget, whether you want to spend $10 or $1,000 (or more).

McCoy Stadium: the long-time home of the Pawtucket Red Sox (known locally the Pawsox), a minor league baseball team and an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. McCoy was built in 1946 and is known as a cultural landmark for the city. Throughout the year, you can find many outdoor events here, including food & beer festivals, arts festivals, and concerts. And make sure you see a Pawsox game before they leave for Worcester!

Slater Mill Museum: located right in the middle of downtown, this beautifully restored and maintained historic site was built in 1793. It was one of the first water-powered cotton-spinning mills of its time and is considered as “the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution” in America. The mill is now a museum filled with textile machinery from the 18th century to the early 20th century. Visitors can tour the mill and exhibits to see these unique and preserved tools. It’s a lot of fun and only $12 for adults.

Pawtucket Breweries: Pawtucket has suddenly become a “hot spot” for beer. There are four different breweries you can visit —- Foolproof, Bucket Brewery, Narragansett, and Crooked Brewery. Grab a tour, have a tasting, or attend events throughout the year!

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Pawtucket HopeArtisteVillage
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Dining & Nightlife

Pawtucket’s dining and nightlife scene may get overshadowed by Providence, but people who live here have plenty of options (and Providence is right down the street). Hot spots for great restaurants are Mineral Spring Avenue and Newport Avenue. Or by neighborhood, you can check out places like Woodlawn (right over the Providence line) and downtown Pawtucket.

But we’d be remiss not mentioning at least a few “classic” local spots! For breakfast, definitely check out Modern Diner for their historic train car restaurant and hometown atmosphere. Then stop by the Garden Grille for a vegetarian or vegan treat (don’t knock it till you try it!) And finally, grab a spot at the ever-popular Rasoi for an Indian dish you won’t believe. For the after-dinner crowd, go to Murphy’s Law to watch a sports game or shoot pool!

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Recreation & Activities

Slater Memorial Park: Pawtucket’s most popular outdoor recreation space with 200 acres of greenery, sports facilities, dog parks, and nature preserves. The park is home to the historic Looff Carousel, which is the oldest Loof stander carousel in the world (built in 1895). Slater offers a wide range of sporting fields and courts, including 11 ballfields, 10 tennis courts, and one basketball court. The Pawtucket Fall Festival is thrown here every year and you can attend free exercise classes in the summer months.

Fairlawn Veterans Memorial Park: nestled right behind Nathanael Greene Elementary School, this 20-acre park is a perfect spot to bring your dog or have a summer picnic. It has the only outdoor public swimming pool in the city. Sports facilities include six ballfields, four tennis courts, and one basketball court.

Festival Pier: Pawtucket recently put two million dollars into renovations for this riverfront park. It’s home to the famous Dragon Boat Races & Taiwan Day Festival event every year, where you can watch teams paddle their way through obstacles and  “capture the flag” games, plus live entertainment on the pier. It’s also just a nice place to sit and relax and enjoy the view (or go fishing!)

Ten Mile River Greenway: a two-mile bike path connecting Slater Park to the Kimberly Ann Athletic Fields in East Providence. It’s a scenic route along the James Turner Reservoir and follows the natural curving landscape, unlike other bike paths in the state.

Pawtucket Arts Festival: an annual arts festival celebrating Pawtucket’s creative and cultural life. It’s a month-long celebration from September 1 – 30th, with many public indoor and outdoor exhibitions throughout the city.

The Pawtucket Country Club: a private country club and 18-hole golf course orginially built in 1902. It has withstood the test of time and in still considered one of the best golf courses in RI. They offer members a pro shop, full-serving dining and banquet facility, and an Olympic sized swimming pool.

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Friendship Garden at Slater Memorial Park
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Schools & Education

The Pawtucket Public School Department consists of sixteen schools serving the K-12 grades (ten primaries, six secondaries). As a whole, the department enrolls approximately 9,000 students per year with a teaching staff of 751. According to’s “2019 Best Schools” report, the Pawtucket School District ranked #2 in the state for Most Diverse School District. It also ranked #25 for Best School Districts for Athletes in Rhode Island.

If you’d like detailed information on registration and educational programming, please visit their official website at

Pawtucket HS

Transportation & Getting Around

Pawtucket’s central location makes it easy to get around. I-95 travels directly through the center of the city (locally known as the “S Curve”) and has several exits to both the west and east sides.

Pawtucket’s main roads connect to its surrounding cities and towns, including Providence, Central Falls, East Providence, and Attleboro. Route 1A (Newport Avenue), for example, runs in a straight line from Attleboro to East Providence and is a major middle highway for Pawtucket residents living in Darlington.

On the west side of the city, Mineral Spring Avenue and Pawtucket Avenue provide access to Providence and North Providence.

Public Transportation:

Pawtucket & Central Falls Commuter Rail and Bus Hub: a multi-million dollar construction project scheduled to open for public use in 2020, with a full opening of the commuter rail station in 2022. The station will connect on the MBTA Providence/Stoughton commuter train with direct access to Downtown Boston. The bus hub will provide a central location for RIPTA service lines around Pawtucket and the greater Providence Metro area.

There are several RIPTA bus lines in Pawtucket that travel into nearby towns and neighboring cities. If you visit the RIPTA website for a schedule, look at lines 71 – 78 for a full view of public transportation available to you.

  • Distance to T.F. Green Airport: 14.1 miles
  • Distance to Providence Train Station: 5.5 miles
  • Distance to South Attleboro Station: 3.2 miles
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Government/city and town links

For more information on Pawtucket community events and government departments, please visit the official website at

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