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Home Improvement Projects to Tackle While Stuck Indoors

While everyone is stuck inside during this unprecedented pandemic, now is the perfect time to tackle some of our value-adding, home preparation tips! If you’re planning to sell your home this year, these suggestions will make excellent use of your time confined to the house.

Remember, these are meant to be simple and affordable.

  1. Caulk your bathtub or shower: Over time the seal around your tub or shower can wear and crack, allowing moisture to pool inside, which creates a perfect environment for mold. Caulk any areas you see this happening and give your tub or shower the inviting look it calls for.
  2. Patch any holes and trim: Take time to patch up any holes in the walls from previous wall decor and fix any missing or damaged wall trim to avoid an impression that your home needs TLC.
  3. Give rooms a fresh coat of paint: Painting is one of those projects that can make a big impact on the look and feel of your home. Stick with a neutral color, like an off-white or light gray, which can brighten up your entire house and make everything look cleaner and neater.
  4. Update your cabinet hardware: Give your kitchen or bathroom a simple facelift with new hardware. Once you select your new hardware, you will just need a screwdriver!
  5. Change out lightbulbs on both the exterior and interior of your home: Swap out tired, old light fixtures and keep your home looking bright and beautiful! Lighting plays a major factor in a home’s appearance and its overall atmosphere.
  6. Keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful: Get rid of all the dead stuff, give the lawn a fresh cut and add a seasonal burst of color. Now is a good time to plant spring bulbs and prep garden beds for fresh mulch. First impression is everything!
  7. Pressure wash/softwash your home’s exterior and walkways: Getting rid of winter’s dirt, grime and mildew will make all the difference in how your home’s exterior care is perceived!
  8. Shampoo your rugs: Now is the time to move your furniture out of the way and give your rugs a good cleaning. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner you can rent one from a local home improvement store.
  9. Clean out your garage and basement: Less is more in these spaces used for storage – show how spacious they really are, not how much stuff you can fit!
  10. Replace your furnace filter: Extend the life of your system and make buyers happy! This also helps with better air quality.

For the unavoidable days of being stuck inside, working on these projects and updates is the perfect way to elevate your mood. There are only so many walks you can take and batches of cookies you can bake until you start going stir crazy! Whether you select one or two of these projects or tackle the entire list, you’ll be gratified by what you’ve accomplished and that much closer to market-ready.