Turn Your Backyard Into a Mini Getaway

With steady warm weather on the horizon, there is nothing more appealing than summer days spent outside, soaking in the sunshine. To fully maximize the summer season, its time to make your backyard into a mini getaway where you can enjoy yourself!

We can all agree that with the amount of time we will be spending at home this summer, it only makes sense to spruce up the backyard and make it into a mini sanctuary!

Start With a Clean Canvas

Before assembling your outdoor set-up, start with removing any debris, leaves or branches. Once all of the debris is cleared, power wash, reseal or add gravel, depending on what type of surface you have.

If you are someone who leaves your patio furniture outside all winter long, use this time to spray and scrub the furniture with soap and water so it is in its best condition.

Update Your Landscaping

In need of a summer spruce up? Landscaping can make or break your backyard. It’s essential to take the time to update your landscaping to create an outdoor paradise. Take some time to cut back overgrown trees and bushes, pull the weeds, and cut the lawn. It is safe to say that you can plant your flowers and herbs without hesitation, now that the warm weather is here…and hopefully not leaving anytime soon! Plant some flowers and shrubs that will compliment your backyard design, and don’t forget to add some fresh mulch.

If you are looking for a landscaper in the area to get the job done, here are some of our favorites:

🌳Hosey Brothers Landscape and Design: Mike at 401-439-3823
🌳South County Property Management and Landscaping Services: Max at 401-440-5955

Set the Aesthetic

Every season calls for rearranging furniture and freshening up your space. Consider moving around the furniture you have purchased and create a layout that is conducive for socializing with friends & family. An outdoor rug and new cushions can help brightens up the space. Add a bar cart, lanterns, patio games, and even some string lights to set the ambiance and make it the perfect spot for entertaining guests.

Keep it Comfy

Trying to make your outdoor space more comfortable? Nothing says comfort like a roaring fire! Whether you’re trying to keep warm on a cooler summer night or roasting marshmallows with the kids, adding fire features to your property is a great choice. You can even leave some cozy blankets out on your furniture!

You want to be sure to also have a spot to be able to escape the sun on scorching days. Having an umbrella or canopy in your backyard space will keep everyone cool and happy.

The beauty of living in Rhode Island is being able to enjoy summer nights outdoors. By following these tips and recommendations, you will create unforgettable summer memories right in the style and comfort of your backyard. Get ready to relax, entertain and enjoy your guests outside in the fresh air!