Shop Local In Kent County

A delightful variety to satisfy both the casual browser & the serious shopper

Shopping in Kent County

This region is well-known for its charming mix of small, independent boutiques, artisan shops, and larger retail centers, particularly in cities like Warwick, which hosts the state's largest mall, the Warwick Mall. Additionally, the area features unique shopping villages and outlets that provide a blend of local and national brands. Alongside these shopping venues, seasonal farmer's markets and specialty food shops showcase the area's rich agricultural produce, offering a taste of local flavors and crafts. Kent County combines the convenience of modern retail with the charm of New England's traditional shopping, making it a prime destination for a diverse shopping experience.

In Coventry...

Coventry residents have a few go-to spots for their essential shopping and grocery needs. The Centre of New England, Coventry Crossing, and Coventry Shoppers Park plazas house businesses such as Walmart, BJs, Home Depot, Stop & Shop, and Dave's Marketplace

If you like supporting small businesses, there are a handful near the center of town, including Krafty Sisters, Porridge Pot, Endeavors and More, Tom's Market, and Bead Sting.

In East & West Greenwich...

You may notice that East Greenwich is a little more refined than its neighbors. Here, it’s all about the small, local shops and makers who specialize in niches — jewelry, fashion, furniture, etc... Yet, if you’re looking for the necessities or an all-in-one shopping mall, just follow Route 2 a few miles north into Warwick. EG even offers a boutique pet treats shop and designer wedding gowns. Window shopping on Main Street is the main attraction on its own!

West Greenwich...

The The Mishnock area of West Greenwich and lower-south Coventry are the shopping spots for residents. There are a few small business retailers and specialty shops around town, such as Leyden’s Winery and Tree Shop, Gordon’s Gourmet or Piecing With Poppers. Most residents, however, make the short trip into Coventry or Warwick for bulk shopping.

Small businesses to visit ...

Shopping in Warwick

Warwick is locally-known as the “Retail Capital of Rhode Island” for a reason. There are a ton of options here, whether you’re looking for major retailers or local shops. Take a trip down Route 2 and you’ll find dozens of shopping plazas, Warwick Mall, Rhode Island Mall, Bald Hill Road Shopping Plaza and more!

Don't forget West Warwick

West Warwick isn’t known for small business retail, but there are places in the downtown area where you’ll find local purveyors. Covering the “essentials” is easy for residents because of the close proximity to Route 2. This area of Warwick is known as the “retail capital,” with more than four miles of shopping plazas, plus the Rhode Island and Warwick Malls.