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Barrington, Rhode Island, offers a variety of activities and scenic spots that highlight its coastal charm and community spirit. For outdoor enthusiasts, the East Bay Bike Path is a standout feature, providing miles of well-maintained trails that offer beautiful views of Narragansett Bay and pass through picturesque parks and neighborhoods. The town's beaches, like Barrington Beach, are perfect for a day of relaxation, swimming, and picnicking. History buffs can explore the Barrington Preservation Society Museum to learn about the town’s rich past or stroll through the historic town center, which features quaint shops and local eateries. For families, the Bayside Family YMCA offers a range of recreational programs and facilities, including swimming pools and sports courts. With its blend of natural beauty, recreational facilities, and charming local culture, Barrington is an inviting destination for both residents and visitors.

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Shopping & Things To Do

Barrington strikes a rare balance for shoppers — you can get big retail stores and small businesses in the same spot. For example, the Barrington Shopping Center houses Shaw’s, CVS, Ace Hardware, and Starbucks. But you’ll also find several locally-owned businesses in the same plaza, such as Barrington Books, LOFT, and Encore. All up and down Route 114 you’ll find smaller shopping plazas with local craft stores, gift shops, and restaurants.

Barrington has a beautiful hilltop location for their Town Hall and public library, where both overlook Town Center and Route 114. The Town Hall building was built in 1888 and features a “medieval” architecture look, with several gables and intricate stonework throughout. The public library was originally built in 1807 and used as a school until it was repurposed in the 1970s.

Recreation & Activities

Haines Memorial State Park

Haines Memorial State Park

Located on Narragansett Avenue, this park offers 75 acres of athletic fields and picnic areas, a boat launch, baseball field, dog park, and seasonal farmers market.

veterans park barrington

Veterans Memorial Park

A 245-acre town park bordering the historic Brickyard Pond. A popular spot for freshwater fishing, but swimming is strictly prohibited. There is a short walking trail about one mile in length with a few bridges and views of freshwater streams.

Town Beach

Barrington Town Beach

Four acres of beachfront overlooking the Narragansett Bay with open access from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Parking is available to Barrington residents only.

east-bay-bike-path barrington

East Bay Bike Path

A 26-mile public bike path that starts in Independence Park in Bristol and continues all the way to India Point Park in Providence. The Barrington portion of the bike path passes over the Palmer River and  Brickyard Pond