Things to do in Newport

Newport, Rhode Island, is a vibrant seaside city renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lively waterfront. Visitors can tour the magnificent Gilded Age mansions like The Breakers and Marble House, which offer a glimpse into the opulent past of America's wealthiest families. The city's scenic Cliff Walk combines natural beauty with architectural grandeur, providing stunning ocean views alongside historic estates. Newport's bustling harbor area is perfect for sailing excursions, seafood dining, and shopping, with lively bars and restaurants offering local and international cuisine. For those interested in history and culture, the Newport Historical Society and the International Tennis Hall of Fame provide fascinating exhibitions. Additionally, numerous festivals, such as the famous Newport Jazz Festival and Newport Folk Festival, draw crowds with world-class music in picturesque settings. Whether it's exploring historic sites, enjoying water activities, or simply soaking up the coastal charm, Newport offers a memorable experience for every visitor.


Shopping & Things To Do

Broadway, Upper Thames, and Lower Thames are destination shopping spots in Newport. In this four-mile stretch of historic, bustling downtown, you’ll find boutique clothing shops, chocolatiers, jewelry, custom-made accessories, bars, restaurants, and much more. Of course, as a resident, you’ll want easy-access shopping for your essentials, right? Well, that’s also available in short order. Just up Broadway along Route 114 and 138 there are several shopping centers with Stop & Shop, Shaws, and CVS. Or you can visit the shopping plaza on JT Connell Highway, which includes Walmart, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, etc.

An annual folk-oriented music festival at Fort Adams State Park. Started in 1959, this festival is known for its historic performances and showcase of America’s finest folk and Americana musicians. It takes place every summer in July and hosts a weekend-long line up of musicians from all over the country.

Established five years earlier to its counterpart (Newport Folk Festival), this annual summer fest is also held at Fort Adams State Park. It has hosted some of the biggest names in Jazz, Soul, and Rock music (Frank Sinatra, James Brown, David Brubeck, just to name a few!). It’s often held the same month at the Folk Festival and continues to showcase lineups of well-known and emerging musicians.

This extensive exhibit honors players and contributors to the sport of tennis, which includes a museum, grass tennis courts, and both an indoor and outdoor tennis facility. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and memorabilia – including videos, photographs, audio recordings, tennis equipment and apparel, trophies, and art – highlighting the history of tennis from its origins up through the modern era.

Newport Mansions

The Preservation Society of Newport have made it their purpose to maintain the historic mansions along Bellevue Avenue and Ocean Drive. You can schedule tours and explore the mansions, attend special events, see exhibits, and learn about the luxurious homes of the Vanderbilt's and other famous families of industry.

Recreation & Activities

One of Newport’s biggest summer attractions, the Cliff Walk is open year-round and free to the public. It runs 3.5 miles along the eastern and southern portion of Aquidneck Island and offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can travel out onto the rocks and cliffs, gaze the mansions along Bellevue Avenue, and stop at many observation points along the way.

A public-use, historic park with panoramic views of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. It’s home to historic, well-preserved Fort Adams, a large military fortress built in the 19th century. The park offers guided tours of the fortress, online gift shop, and rental of their barracks rooms for private events. The outside grounds have public-use facilities for fishing, boating, soccer, rugby, picnicking, and more. Fort Adams is also home to the long-running Newport Jazz and Newport Folk Festivals.

A “hidden gem” park situated in a residential neighborhood in Newport. Amazing views of the Newport Bridge and East Passage. It’s one of the best places to watch the sunset in a quiet, well-kept place along the waterfront. Also dog-friendly, with plenty of green space and benches to relax for a picnic.

Located along Ocean Drive about a mile from Bellevue Avenue, this small beach is set back in a cove and naturally protected from big waves or ocean surge. It’s open to the public, but the beach club is private. Seasonal passes are available.

Occupying the former grounds of one of Newport’s grandest estates, Brenton Point State Park has one of the most commanding and spectacular views on the East Coast. The park is located at the point of land where Narragansett Bay meets the Atlantic, midway along renowned Ocean Drive. Visitors can enjoy picnicking, hiking, and fishing.

Located on the highest natural point in Newport in a beautiful wooded landscape. At the top, you can climb the 80-foot-tall Memorial Tower for a spectacular view of Newport and Narragansett Bay. There are also public-use facilities in the park, including picnic tables, playground, and an open playfield.

A ten-mile road along Newport’s ocean cliffs and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. See the luxurious, historic cottages and mansions along the water or hike along the rocks in Brenton Cove. It’s a great place for a bike ride or to watch the sunset.

With over 400 miles of coastline, Newport has plenty of beautiful beaches and sandy seasides to visit. Bask in the water or just relax on the beach with your toes in the sand. Come relax along the shoreline for a taste of the good life.


Newport Hospital

Newport Hospital is a private, non-profit hospital and member of the Lifespan Health System. The hospital offers emergency care, diagnostic imaging, birthing services, behavioral health services, intensive care, and acute inpatient and outpatient rehab.