Emerging Home Trends in 2021

Emerging Home Trends in 2021

Like anything else, home trends evolve every year. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the amount of time people are spending at home. Home is not just the place where you relax and regroup at the end of the day-it has now become an office, gym, eatery, classroom & so much more. The pandemic has caused many families to reconsider how they use and live in their homes since there are a variety of activities now occurring under one roof.

Here are home trends that are top-of-mind for many homebuyers:

  1. Home Office Takes on a New Meaning
  2. As so many people shift their workspaces from offices to their homes, interiors will start to incorporate quiet spaces that allow privacy for working away from the day-to-day activities of the home. Work from home spaces require good lighting, storage and even video conferencing abilities! The home office will be designed to also have a nice backdrop for video-conferencing, such as neutral tones.

  3. Fitness Is Top of Mind
  4. Although private exercise space has always been an important consideration for many families, lockdown has certainly placed more emphasis on special features within a home fitness room. Virtual training sessions have soared during this time, which means a good screen, mirrors, speakers and equipment is essential.

  5. Prioritized Outdoor Space
  6. Being able to spend time outdoors is an escape for many. Popular outdoor living features include luxuries like premium lighting, fire pits & heaters, comfortable furniture, cooking areas and a swimming pool. The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes on the importance of having a usable and comfortable outdoor space for the family to enjoy.

  7. Healthier Spaces
  8. Homebuyers are interested and sensitive towards home hygiene and sanitization. With the acceleration of technologies, homes will utilize air purifiers, indoor air quality monitoring and new filtrating systems for the air and the water. They will also put in germ-resistant materials for flooring and surfaces throughout the home and choose finishes that are easy to clean.

  9. Storage Galore
  10. Kitchens are the heart of every home, and the pandemic has caused many people to stay home and cook for their family. Staying home and cooking every night requires more food storage space. Pantries with an extra refrigerator and freezer will become a lot more popular as people continue to stock up on supplies.

  11. Multigenerational Homes
  12. People are seeking homes with more rooms, more square footage and more space as they allow their parents and in-laws to move in with them. Homes are being designed to better accommodate older adult relatives.

    The pandemic has notably changed our lives and shifted what Buyers want and desire in the place they call home. Our agents are here to help find you the perfect property, or even help you fix up your current situation to enhance its value while keeping these trends in mind. Contact us today 401.942.0200.