Welcome to Pawtuxet Village, Rhode Island

Pawtuxet Village is the epitome of waterfront, New England charm. Nestled right on the line between Cranston and Warick, this walkable community is a “hidden gem’ along the Narragansett Bay. Rather than the bustling area of Garden City Cranston, Pawtuxet Village maintains a tight-knit, homey feel to it. Its streets are lined with quaint shops, sought-after restaurants and historic homes dating back to the 1600’s. Travel north on Broad Street and you enter the Edgewood section of Cranston, another highly desirable neighborhood that is more residential and walking distance from the Village.

What's it like to live in Pawtuxet Village?

Pawtuxet is a world away from suburban Cranston or Warwick. Not necessarily by distance, but in its vibe and historic feel. The quaint atmosphere is similar to waterfront villages and towns like Bristol, Wickford and Jamestown Village.

Here’s what you’lllove  about living here:

  • Waterfront properties not found anywhere else in Cranston
  • Only two miles from downtown Providence
  • Walkability to shops, restaurants and amenities
  • Very tight-knit community of people who care about preserving
  • Pawtuxet’s unique history
  • Pawtuxet has become a known “foodie” spot in Rhode Island with several restaurants, cafes and bars
  • A good mix of age groups, from young artists to executives

Pawtuxet Village real estate

Pawtuxet is easily one of the most competitive real estate markets in Cranston and Warwick. The Edgewood neighborhood (right up the street from the Village) is more residential, but equally as desired due to its proximity to Downtown Providence, Pawtuxet and scenic waterfront views of Narragansett Bay. Search through our listings in both neighborhoods below!

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Dining, shopping and attractions in Pawtuxet Village


Known as a “hidden foodie spot” to Rhode Islanders, Pawtuxet’s little slice of Broad Street offers a surprising variety of cafes and restaurants. Authentic Italian, Thai, homemade crepes, coffee & tea shops, waterfront bar+ grill, New York style pizza – you name it.

Here are the main attractions to visit:

  • Revolution American Bistro
  • Basta
  • Schastea
  • Little Falls Cafe
  • Fellini Pizzeria
  • O’Rourke’s Bar & Grill
  • Vatsana
  • Poco Loco Tacos
  • Dear Hearts Ice Cream
  • Sweet Indulgence
  • Edgewood Cafe
  • Rim Nahm Thai Cuisine
  • Bagel Express Deli & Cafe
  • PTX


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Things to do and see

Pawtuxet offers unique amenities outside of the food and dining scene as well. The Gaspee Days parade happens every second Saturday in June. The parade commemorates  the burning of the British revenue schooner in 1772, a precursor event to the American Revolution. There is also an annual Gaspee Arts and Crafts Festival all along Broad Street in Pawtuxet. Find out more about the many annual events in Pawtuxet by visiting the Friends of Pawtuxet Village website.

If you’re looking to spend a day at the park or local greenery, you’ll have great choices – Roger Williams Park & Zoo, Pawtuxet Oxboes Park , Pawtuxet Park (on the Warwick side) and many small playgrounds and green spaces along the walkable waterfront area. And if you like farm fresh ingredients, visit the outdoor, all-summer-long farmer’s market at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.

  • Roger Williams Park & Zoo
  • Gaspee Days Parade
  • Rhodes on the Pawtuxet
  • Rhode Island Shriners Imperial Room
  • Essence Yoga
  • Haven Fitness
  • Kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating.
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Where to shop

Cranston. There is strong support for local businesses, retailers, artisans, and the like. So if you enjoy looking around for home-crafted  pieces or used books, then Pawtuxet is the place for you.

  • Lane’s on Broad
  • Noon Design Shop
  • Tag Sale Treasures
  • Flute & Rye
  • Twice Told Tales and Village Art & Antiques
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Noon Gift Shop

Relevant links and more information about Pawtuxet

If you’d like to see more information about Pawtuxet Village and the Edgewood area, please visit the websites below:

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