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* Tax rate based per thousand - Sources: United States Census Bureau. 2022 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey OfficeAdditional references: towncharts.com & Realtor.com



You keep hearing “location, location, location” when it comes to buying a home, and that’s exactly what makes Cranston such a desirable place to live. Settled right below the state’s capital and a short drive to RI’s best beaches, Cranston is an “all-in-one” community for Rhode Islanders. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a “starter home” or a seasoned buyer looking for luxury or waterfront living, Cranston offers a range of price points and properties to choose from. As the third largest city in Rhode Island, Cranston’s real estate market is diverse and accommodates all types of lifestyles and budgets – suburban neighborhoods, historic villages, and waterfront living. Plus, it’s only a short drive to the state’s international airport, T.F. Green. With everything so close by, Cranston is easily one of the most accessible places to live in Little Rhody.

Cranston Weather

The average high temperature in July is 82.6 degrees, with an average low temperature in January of 20.3 degrees. The annual precipitation is 46.45.

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Experience the vibrant community of Cranston with Williams & Stuart Realty. Explore our extensive listings of homes and properties for sale in Cranston. Our dedicated team of agents is here to guide you through the real estate process, providing personalized service and expert knowledge. Start your search for the perfect home in Cranston today and trust Williams & Stuart Realty to help you find your dream property.


Life in Cranston

Cranston, Rhode Island, is renowned for its scenic charm, blending urban sophistication with lush natural landscapes. The city features a variety of stunning parks, offering a tranquil escape within the urban environment. Cranston's historic Pawtuxet Village area exudes old-world charm with its quaint shops, waterfront dining, and marina, providing a picturesque setting for both leisure and exploration. The city’s architectural diversity, from grand old estates to modern developments, adds to its visual appeal. Cranston’s blend of natural beauty, historic areas, and vibrant community life makes it a beautifully inviting destination.

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Get an accurate valuation of your home and learn how to prepare it for showings

A homes value is determined by much more than online data. Online evaluations like Zillows ‘zestimates’  simply can’t tell you the full story. Factors such as hyper-local market criteria, seasonal buyer demand, and  interior condition will also determine how much a buyer will offer for your home.

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