East Greenwich

Coventry Restaurants & Nightlife In Kent County Restaurants & Nightlife in Kent County Coventry Restaurants & Nightlife In town, you can find local breakfast staples, pub-style dining, pizza, and more. Due to its close proximity to West Warwick‘s downtown area, Coventry is one of the better towns in western Rhode Island for dining or a night out. Featured Eats: Gentleman Farmer Diner […]
Coventry Things To Do In Kent County Finding Things To Do In Kent County Recreation & Activities in Coventry Much like it’s neighboring towns in Kent County, Coventry offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The biggest attraction is the “Trestle Trail” or Washington Secondary Bike Path. This 19-mile bike path stretches from Cranston to the edges of Coventry and nearby Connecticut. […]
Coventry Shop local In Kent County Shop Local In Kent County A delightful variety to satisfy both the casual browser & the serious shopper Shopping in Kent County This region is well-known for its charming mix of small, independent boutiques, artisan shops, and larger retail centers, particularly in cities like Warwick, which hosts the state’s largest mall, the Warwick Mall. Additionally, […]
East Greenwich What to do in East Greenwich Rhode Island What to do in East Greenwich East Greenwich has plenty of recreation and activities for adventure seekers If you’re not from Rhode Island, it’s very easy to assume that Goddard Memorial State Park is located in East Greenwich. In fact, it’s a part of Warwick (though you have to travel through East Greenwich to get there). EG also has […]
East Greenwich Where to eat in East Greenwich Where to eat in East Greenwich Sharing some of our favorite local eateries and dining locations in East Greenwich East Greenwich is a “hot spot” for dining in Rhode Island. The waterfront district along Main Street is home to more than 20 restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can find fresh seafood, classic diners, New American […]
East Greenwich Shopping & Other Things To Do in East Greenwich Shopping & Other Things To Do in East Greenwich Shopping In East Greenwich You may notice that East Greenwich is a little more refined than its neighbors. Here, it’s all about the small, local shops and makers who specialize in niches – jewelry, fashion, furniture, etc… If you’re in need of necessities or an all-in-one shopping […]
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