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* Tax rate based per thousand - Sources: United States Census Bureau. 2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Office. Web. 17 March 2022. & Realtor.com

East Greenwich, RI Real Estate

Walking down Main Street in East Greenwich is a standalone tourism attraction. It’s a window-shopper’s dream in every way; historic buildings, waterfront restaurants, and boutique shops line the street in each direction. This town is known for its preserved history and consistently ranks as the “wealthiest” zip code in RI. Real estate and homes for sale are always in high-demand due to East Greenwich’s high standard of living and top-rated school system. EG is also a “foodie town” with 20+ restaurants tucked into the Main Street district.

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Shopping & Things To Do

You may notice that East Greenwich is a little more refined than its neighbors. Here, it’s all about the small, local shops and makers who specialize in niches — jewelry, fashion & apparel, furniture, etc. Yet, if you’re looking for the necessities or an all-in-one shopping mall, just follow Route 2. a few miles north into Warwick. EG even offers a boutique pet treats store and designer wedding gowns. Window shopping on Main Street is the main attraction on its own!

Restaurants & Nightlife

East Greenwich Is a “hot spot” for dining in Rhode Island. The waterfront district along Post Road is home to more than 20 restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can find fresh seafood, classic diners, New American fine cuisine, Indian and hand-crafted pastries all in a 1.5-mile stretch.

Recreation & Activities

If you’re not from Rhode Island, it’s very easy to assume that Goddard Memorial State Park is located in East Greenwich. In fact, it’s a part of Warwick (even though you have to travel through East Greenwich to get there). EG also has several of its own charming parks and nature preserves explore. And taking a stroll along the shops and restaurants of the historic, waterfront district is a natural attraction to this area. Annual events include the Memorial and Veteran’s Day Parades. Or catch a live show at the Greenwich Odeum — a fairly new venue which has hosted to likes of Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys and more.

Schools & Education

According to Niche.com’s annual “Best School Districts” ratings in Rhode Island, East Greenwichis number two in the state, just behind Barrington. It also ranks number one on Niche.com for “safest schools.” The district covers K – 12 in its public school system, but the area also offers top-rated private schools such as Rocky Hill School and Our Lady of Mercy Regional School. East Greenwich is also the home of the New England Institute of Technology

For more information on EG’s public school department, visit their website

Transportation & Getting Around

The waterfront and historic area of East Greenwich runs along Post Road (Route 1). Although interstate 95 curves around East Greenwich, there are two “middle highways” that connect to the interstate — Route 4 and the South County Trail. Both of these are the main roads to access and travel across South Country Rhode Island, including Narragansett, North and South Kingstown, and Charlestown RI.

Additional Transportation Information


Distance to T.F. Green Airport: 10.6 miles

Train Station

Distance to Wickford Junction station: 5.2 miles

Distance to Providence: 18 miles

Government, City & Town Links

For more information on the town government of East Proidence, community information, and ways to contact, please visit the official website

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